The Benefits of an Electric Griddle at Home


Breakfast is a breeze with electric griddles. Whether you are looking to make a lot of pancakes or want to cook your eggs alongside bacon, having the space of a full griddle gives more options for every cook. However, some electric griddles are better than others. Depending on what you need for your griddle, there are some considerations to make.


Types of Electric Griddles


The first consideration is what you will be using your electric griddle for and how much space you have for it. A freestanding griddle tends to be the most popular for at home use. This is because it is easiest to install and can be stored when not in use. The oven control panel in these models is typically found on the back, located above the cooking surface.


There are also models that are slide-in models. These look custom and built in once installed, as they easily slide in between the surrounding cabinets. In this model, the controls are found actually at the front, as there is not a back panel. If you plan to use your griddle regularly, this is the best option. The freestanding griddle may get in the way if it is out all the time, unless proper space is allocated to its use, whereas the slide-in model will become part of the kitchen. However, if you do not intend to use it on a regular basis, the storage option for the freestanding griddle will fit your needs.


Uses Aside from Pancakes


The electric griddle is best known for its flat surface, which serves as a great way to make pancakes. However, uses extend beyond breakfast foods. Crab cakes are a great recipe to make on a griddle. Typically, when one makes crab cakes, the most of the batch will get cold before they are all made. With the space on an electric griddle, crab cakes are made much faster. A typical recipe makes around eight crab cakes, all of which can be made at the same time on a griddle.


If you do not have a tandoor or a pizza stone, it is likely difficult to make naan bread. This is because only one can be made in a pan at a time. Much like with crab cakes, this means the naan will be cold before ever being served. Additionally, cooking naan in a pan can mean standing over the pan for extended periods of time. Cooking on the griddle means making multiple recipes at once, making it easier to serve dinner on time.


A surprising recipe to make on the griddle is the meatballs. When meatballs are made in close quarters to each other, they will likely stew or not become crispy enough. When creating a whole bunch for a party or sports game, this can quickly become an issue. Using an electric griddle will cut down on preparation and help to ensure all the meatballs are at a nice, hot temperature for enjoyment.


Here to prove that griddles aren’t just for breakfast, check out the video below – then try the recipe for dinner tonight!

All You Need To Know About Slow Cookers

A slow cooker is a very convenient appliance to cook food. This is a similar appliance as a casserole and cooks food at a temperature of about 200 and 300 degrees over the course of two to eight hours. A slow cooker is an appliance with a heating element and ceramic casserole that cooks food with slow and moist heat. There are slow cookers which have both high and low settings.


Programmable and non-programmable are two types of slow cookers in the market. Most of the slow cookers are programmed in such a way that they can start and stop cooking at specific timings and with the help of arm settings the food is kept at an ideal temperature once the cooking process is complete. They are not easy to use but save most of the valuable time which is spent in the kitchen.


A Slow Cooker is an ideal appliance for cooking soups, stews, dishes and much more. Slow cooker consists of an insulated shell with an inbuilt heating element which is attached to inner cooking chamber and these units are operated with the heat transfer. These units are operated through heat transfer. In this case, all the units share the same setting such as high, low and medium. Slow cookers are often referred to as crock pots. These appliances are not only convenient, but they can also prepare more tastier and affordable dishes. Slow cookers have more than one temperature settings. With the help of handles on both the ends, it makes easier to lift and carry. It has a low cooking power of 180 watts and a high cooking power of 250 watts. These cookers are also available in different variety of styles, designs, and colors. There is flexibility in length for the cooking time.


Slow cookers are versatile and energy efficient. Slow cookers have insulated lids and high-efficiency elements that give out tender and tasty meals. A slow cooker can be left unattended the whole day after setting your food on it. It gives good flavor with extended cooking time. They are good for cooking various dishes. They are not very easy to use, but they save more valuable time which is spent in the kitchen. There are few slow cookers which come with a removable stoneware liner for easy and quick clean up. The cooking temperature will be same on all settings the lower settings will heat the cooking gently, while the higher temperature will heat the food more quickly.


When you use slow cookers to cook your meals, you often get great tasting dishes that seem better than if you were to cook them in an oven or on the stove. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the juices and flavor are sealed into the meal while it cooks. Because of this, the meals that you cook come out smelling and tasting great. Slow cookers allow you to prepare wonderful meals that can be served when people are there to eat. If not, then those who are not there can simply eat later as they keep your food all war.


Need some dinner inspiration? The video below contains recipes that are easy, healthy, AND yummy. What more can we ask for?

Uses of Electric Skillets

Electric skillets are among cooking equipment which can be used to cook different types of food. The construction of electric skillet is similar to that of a frying pan in the kitchen but it comes with inbuilt power connection. You will not have to use other sources of heat to cook food; you will just plug in the skillet and fry your food. It is very convenient in places where it will be hard for you to access sources of heat. The equipment is very helpful if you do not have space or oven. It can be used to prepare different types of food provided you follow the right recipe.


Uses of electric skillets

There are different brands available in the market. The different brands will have varied specifications. There are others which will preheat to high temperatures while others can reach a certain low limit. It is upon you to take your time and assess different skillets available before you decide to buy one. Some of the foods which can be prepared with the help of electric skillets include the following:


Roast chicken

If you love roast chicken, then you can easily cook it using the utensil. You will only have to access a recipe and follow it. The skillet has been designed in such a way it will be very easy for you to cook chicken. The skillet will work in any location provided you can access power connection. If you love going out for camping adventures, you will be assured of great success if you will go with your skillet. You can just use power from the battery of your camper and cook chicken on the go. The skillet is among the best equipment you can buy if you will like to be assured of great success when preparing roast chicken in different locations.


Baked potatoes

Another type of food you can prepare using the utensil is baked potatoes. You will just have to set the temperature according to your recipe. Follow the directions on the recipe about the amount of time you will have to wait before the potatoes will be fully cooked. The utensil makes cooking very easy. You will take the shortest time to have the food ready and enjoy with your family members. The baked potatoes can be cooked to achieve different tastes. If you will like to achieve a specific taste, then you need to take it into consideration in your ingredients.


Baking Cakes

If you love cakes, then you will be sure to have great success after you purchase your electric skillet. You might be surprised to learn that can prepare virtually any type of cake using an electric skillet. There are several recipes out there on how to prepare different types of cakes; you will be assured of great success after you gather the proper cooking utensils. It has been designed to make your baking process easy. This is due to features on the equipment which make it easy for you to regulate temperature. Always ensure you buy one with features which will make it easy for you to have full control in your cooking.


For some amazingly easy recipe ideas, please enjoy the video below!


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