The Benefits of an Electric Griddle at Home


Breakfast is a breeze with electric griddles. Whether you are looking to make a lot of pancakes or want to cook your eggs alongside bacon, having the space of a full griddle gives more options for every cook. However, some electric griddles are better than others. Depending on what you need for your griddle, there are some considerations to make.


Types of Electric Griddles


The first consideration is what you will be using your electric griddle for and how much space you have for it. A freestanding griddle tends to be the most popular for at home use. This is because it is easiest to install and can be stored when not in use. The oven control panel in these models is typically found on the back, located above the cooking surface.


There are also models that are slide-in models. These look custom and built in once installed, as they easily slide in between the surrounding cabinets. In this model, the controls are found actually at the front, as there is not a back panel. If you plan to use your griddle regularly, this is the best option. The freestanding griddle may get in the way if it is out all the time, unless proper space is allocated to its use, whereas the slide-in model will become part of the kitchen. However, if you do not intend to use it on a regular basis, the storage option for the freestanding griddle will fit your needs.


Uses Aside from Pancakes


The electric griddle is best known for its flat surface, which serves as a great way to make pancakes. However, uses extend beyond breakfast foods. Crab cakes are a great recipe to make on a griddle. Typically, when one makes crab cakes, the most of the batch will get cold before they are all made. With the space on an electric griddle, crab cakes are made much faster. A typical recipe makes around eight crab cakes, all of which can be made at the same time on a griddle.


If you do not have a tandoor or a pizza stone, it is likely difficult to make naan bread. This is because only one can be made in a pan at a time. Much like with crab cakes, this means the naan will be cold before ever being served. Additionally, cooking naan in a pan can mean standing over the pan for extended periods of time. Cooking on the griddle means making multiple recipes at once, making it easier to serve dinner on time.


A surprising recipe to make on the griddle is the meatballs. When meatballs are made in close quarters to each other, they will likely stew or not become crispy enough. When creating a whole bunch for a party or sports game, this can quickly become an issue. Using an electric griddle will cut down on preparation and help to ensure all the meatballs are at a nice, hot temperature for enjoyment.


Here to prove that griddles aren’t just for breakfast, check out the video below – then try the recipe for dinner tonight!